Yemen Appeal

In war-torn Yemen, nearly 24 million need humanitarian aid - test

Yemen Appeal

In war-torn Yemen, nearly 24 million need humanitarian aid - test

Yemen currently has the greatest level of humanitarian needs in the world:

 – 16 million Yemenis food insecure

10,000 have been killed by the conflict

2 million people are displaced

It is Yemeni women and girls who disproportionately impacted by this conflict, 

being exposed to an increased risk of violence, exploitation and abuse while having 

a harder  time accessing basic health care, including maternal  and child health.

Help us To deliver
vital aid

a deadly famine is looming & cholera remains a threat

For six years the war in Yemen has trapped families in a brutal cycle of starvation and sickness. Tens of thousands have been killed and two million displaced. The United Nations have warned that food scarcity in Yemen could lead to the worst famine in 100 years, with 20 million civilians at risk of extreme hunger unless they get urgent humanitarian aid. A child dies every 10 minutes from malnutrition and other preventable diseases.

The country has faced the worst famine in a century, widespread cholera, and the most urgent humanitarian crisis in the world. And now, COVID-19 has hit a population which was already extremely vulnerable, resulting in more than four times the deaths from the disease than the global average. The World Health Organisation predicts that more than half of the entire population of Yemen will contract coronavirus. With only half the medical facilities operation the people of Yemen urgently need support.

We have recently distributed 362 food baskets to some of the most vulnerable families in Yemen in Zi Mar, Sana'a, Amanit Al Asima, Lahj, Aden and Abyan governorate helping over 1,810 people. We also provided Qurbani meat to 1,800 vulnerable households in addition to food packs to 50 households.

How are we helping?

Providing health, nutrition, water and sanitation services.

Delivering essential drugs and medical supplies to hospitals.

Training health staff on cholera treament.

Calling for a country-wide ceasefire and calling on the international community to help achieve a lasting peace.

Our Work